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Buy ADHD Online meds. Unless your health or previous experiences with medication indicate otherwise, a stimulant is generally offered to you first. They work by increasing activity in the parts of the brain that help control your attention and help you take action.Stimulants have the benefit of working right away. And they can be short or long acting, also called ‘immediate release’ and ‘modified release’. If you are nervous about trying ADHD medications you might want to ask for a short-acting medication which can give you an idea of what it’s like to be on meds.

These are the most prescribed medications across Europe and the UK. The full scientific name is ‘methylphenidate hydrochloride‘. When short acting they last around two to three hours. Ritalin, the most famous methylphenidate of all, is available in the UK, but only licensed for children over six and not for adults. These include an increased heart rate and blood pressure. Sleep problems, stomach upset, headaches, appetite loss, teeth grinding or jaw clenching. Possibly the return of physical tics you had in the past, and shifts in your moods including agitation. Very rarely they can cause psychosis. Amphetamine salts contain either dexamfetamine (sometimes spelled ‘dexamphetamine’), or ‘lisdexamfetamine‘ (full scientific name ‘lisdexamfetamine mesilate‘), which is a mixed salt.

This is a selective re-uptake inhibitor (SNRI), so a very different sort of medication. It increases noradrenaline in the brain, a sort of messenger chemical passing information. The end result is better concentration as your impulses are lowered. Note that unlike other ADHD meds that are fast-acting, it also takes several weeks to have effect, much like an anti-depressant would. Side effects can include stomach cramps and diarrhoea. It has a possible dangerous side effect which is suicidal thinking or a desire to self-harm. And it can be hard on your liver. For these reasons, it’s usually only prescribed after you’ve tried stimulants and they didn’t work for you.


Buy ADHD Online

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